31 December 2008

Old Donnelsville Cemetery

On the north side of Donnelsville, Ohio, is the old Donnelsville / Brandenburgh Cemetery. The land on which the cemetery sits was owned by Rev. Peter Smith, and he was buried on the property when he died in 1816. The site became the burial site for many of the early Donnelsville area residents, including members of the Funston family.

As you can see, the cemetery lies in the center of a privately owned property and has no modern access roads to the site.

The names of Funston family members buried at this cemetery are:

FUNSTON, Paul - 15 Oct 1839 - 90yrs
the family patriarch (my g-g-g-g grandfather) who brought the family to the US

FUNSTON, Frederick - 29 Oct 1840 - 40yrs
Paul Funston's son and my g-g-g grandfather

HICKS, Catherine - 6 Nov 1845 - w/o William in her 64th year
Paul Funston's daughter who married William Hicks

HICK, William - 16 Apr ???? - age 77y
Husband of Catherine Funston

FUNSTON, Amanda - 2 Nov 1850 - w/o J.S. 22yrs 4mos 18days
Amanda Byland, first wife of James Stafford Funston, Frederick's son

HICKS, Margaret - 3 Jan 1865 - w/o William Hicks
Second wife of William Hicks

After the death of Catherine Funston Hicks, William Hicks remarried Margaret Kiblinger Shockey in 1849, the second marriage for both.

For a more complete listing, and a few photos of the cemetery, see Old Donnelsville Brandenburgh Cemetery at the Clark County, Ohio GenWeb.

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